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Literary Lust

...a passion for the art of storytelling...

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 Jacqui; 27; perfectionist; slight egoist; temperamental; funny; ditzy; crazy; loveable; cute; brainless; friendly; opinionated; giggly, fangirl; etcetera -- More? >> [ koukeisha.net ]

  Drama; Angst; Romance; Fluff; AU; Vampiric; Dark-Gothic

  PG-13; NC-17; R; PG

 JaeHo; JaeChun; JaeSu; YunChun; YooSu; JaeHoChun; HyukHae; ShiDong; JaeDay; WooDong; JunTa; KyuSaeng; TonHyuk; Tae7en; YoungHyun; DongBin; PiChi; GakuHai; Jae7en; JaeKi; SuBon; JinJae; NessTa; JaeLo; CrownJae; HyukSu; JaeKang


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!!! WARNING !!!

I do not tolerate fighting, bashing, or criticism that is not constructive.

This journal contains fiction of an adult nature, dealing with a plethora of situations and ideas that may not be appropriate for all audiences. If you feel, think, or know that you don't fit the criteria to be here; are easily offended by mature content; and/or in an area where such material is prohibited -- I strongly advise that you leave now. All fiction that is NOT suited for younger audiences WILL be LOCKED to non-members.

~ Jacqui

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