Jacqui (jaejoongah) wrote in literary_lust,


I'm gonna start taking requests for fics. Right now, since that's what I'm most focused on, I'll take requests for korean music/industry related fics. It can deal with pairings or not, I really don't care. If I don't know much about something when someone requests it, I'll let you know in the comments, but it's pretty open right now. I need something to do. XD;;

The only thing that's NOT wide open is giving me a request without a prompt. 8D I have only half a brain and the half that's missing has with it all my ideas for a plot. I have an imagination for writing out a plot, I just have to be given an idea for one before I write. XD;;;;

So I NEED a prompt. The prompt can have one or several details involved, I don't care about that, but as long as I can make sense of it and it's plausible enough -- and I really have no limits there either -- I'll write it. :D;;;
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