Jacqui (jaejoongah) wrote in literary_lust,

Saved For A Rainy Day

Title: Saved For A Rainy Day
Author: Jacqui
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: YunJae
Summary: Yunho's 60 day visa expired and Jaejoong's filming is ruined by rain.

Saved For A Rainy Day

Jaejoong was just stepping out of the shower as he hears the telltale chime of the doorbell. It's a deliberate rhythm—their code when visiting one another.

Yunho's part in Choosey Lover: My sexy boo.

"Coming!" Jaejoong calls out, quickly securing a towel around his waist as he goes rushing down the hallway. As always, he takes a peek at the video phone by the door to make sure it's Yunho. Smiling happily in response to the handsome face he sees there—Jaejoong promptly unlocks the door before pulling it open. Yunho smirks when he catches sight of Jaejoong's appearance.

"You'll be coming soon, that's for sure." Stepping into what they both deemed their loft of love, Yunho wheels his bag over to one side and leaves it there while simultaneously booting the door shut with a single foot. Jaejoong can't help smiling wider at such a statement, stepping back to give Yunho more room as he begins to fluff-dry his hair with a hand towel.

"You're so presumptuous..." Jaejoong snickers.

"They were ready to let me stay, you know. It's lucky for you that I have a conscience or I would still be in Japan right now." Yunho's hands were already reaching forward to brush his fingers over a portion of tucked-in fabric resting over his lover's right hip. Swatting the hand away, Jaejoong retreats slightly and pokes out his tongue.

"A conscience that came to you only after I had sent a text explaining that I wasn't going to be filming today due to the rain." As a sudden realization strikes Jaejoong's memory, he grins. "You always did like making love to me while it was raining, Yunnie-ah." Instinctively, Yunho steps forward to keep the distance between them minuscule.

"Does it matter what my intentions were? I'm here like we both know you wanted." Reaching in front of him, Yunho gently latches on to one of Jaejoong's wrists and pulls him closer. "I think it's safe to say that you enjoy making love in the rain just as much as I do." Jaejoong bites the inside of his mouth to hide the knowing smile tugging at his lips, tilting his head to feign ignorance.

"You think you know me so well." Jaejoong's nose wrinkles a bit. Yunho snorts at the fake display as his arms sneakily creep around Jaejoong's waist.

"I do know you, Jaejoong-ah. I know you very well." Fingers gripping firmly at the towel, Yunho jerks it away from his lover's body. Yunho takes a long moment to look over Jaejoong's reddened facial features, the warm frame beneath them, and finally the obvious erection forming between now willowy legs. "...Almost so well that it sometimes scares me to imagine the power you've come to have over me."

"Then why are you examining me? You've seen my naked body countless times before." Jaejoong's hands lazily push and tug at Yunho's clothing, a look of frustration contorting his face because there are so many layers to remove.

"I'm worried about you, that's all." Yunho swallows dryly and reaches up to rest one hand against Jaejoong's face before he can pull away. "You have to enlist soon...you should be healthy for when that time comes." Jaejoong's eyes suddenly narrow at such a statement—and potential mood-killer—even as he is well aware of all the truth it contains and what Yunho means in saying it.

"Are you saying I'm unhealthy, Yunho-yah?" Jaejoong's hands resting on Yunho's shoulders, he begins to push the other man away from him. "You could have done that with a text message from Japan."

"No." Jaejoong's suggestion pisses Yunho off, but he maintains his anger and continues to hold the other man close to him. "I am, however, saying that I don't want you to go down the wrong path. It may not seem that I'm always thinking of you or that I don't worry about your welfare...but trust me, Jaejoong...you are always on my mind no matter what I'm doing or where I am. I love you...I didn't come here to fight." Leaning in, Yunho presses a gentle kiss directly between Jaejoong's eyes and rests their foreheads together upon hearing a compliant sigh pass the other man's lips.

"I'm really trying, Yunnie-ah. It's hard being without you and Changmin...our lives are so different and separate now and it's something I never thought would happen to us. We knew everything about each other from mood to personal family business...now we have to ask about things that we should already know." Jaejoong lifts his eyes to meet Yunho's when he feels the hand on his face slide beneath his chin. He hates talking about these things during the few moments they're able to share together in between busy schedules, but it always seems to come up somehow. Maybe this is their cross to bear for him leaving in the first place?

"We'll talk about this later, Joongie-ah...let me remind you of how much I love you this one time without going to such a sad and painful part of our lives. Let's be happy just for tonight, ne?" Yunho brushes his lips over Jaejoong's cheek, and then leaves a faint kiss there before claiming Jaejoong's lips to keep him from responding. In his heart, Jaejoong knows Yunho is right and to keep returning to this subject only makes the both of them jaded. Returning the kiss, Jaejoong's hands go back to their attempt of clothing removal; this time with Yunho's help.

"You taste like wine..." Jaejoong breathes, easing Yunho's jacket from his body and letting it fall to the floor. Yunho smiles against Jaejoong's lips, giving him a quick kiss while gripping at his scarf to pull it away from his neck.

"I had some on the plane. I needed to relax a little..."

"You knew you would be coming to see me and I would drive you crazy if you weren't grounded..." Jaejoong whispers, now working on Yunho's belt and buckle slowly. The expedient shift in Jaejoong's behavior puts Yunho's mind at ease and he begins to walk the both of them down the start of the hallway; his goal being the wall just outside Jaejoong's bedroom. Of course, Jaejoong follows Yunho's lead, but continues to work at his lover's pants without interruption.

"Mm...you undo me, Kim Jaejoong." Yunho breaks the kiss just long enough to tug his shirt up and over his head, both hands returning to Jaejoong's body all in one fast movement.

"I should be punished for that then, don't you think?" Jaejoong's candor is surprising to Yunho, but it arouses him just as Jaejoong intends. Yunho boldly takes the initiative and turns just slightly until he is able to lead them through the door—still slightly ajar—to Jaejoong's room. They stop just at the foot of Jaejoong's bed and Yunho finally scoffs.

"You're such a devil..." Yunho's hands brush Jaejoong's away from his pants before wriggling them down and kicking them away. One of Jaejoong's legs bend upward, pressing against Yunho's before rising slowly to lock over one hip.

"Then show me how an angel should be, Yunnie-ah. You have all night." At those words, Jaejoong leans backward, taking Yunho with him. Falling onto the bed together, Jaejoong notices that Yunho is about to respond to him and prevents it with a solid kiss. Jaejoong's lips are hot, and Yunho reacts genuinely by lapping his tongue over them. Hands lifting to sift curious fingers into Yunho's hair, Jaejoong provokes Yunho further by tugging at the newly colored strands now in his grasp. "Nng...your cock is on my thigh..." Jaejoong purposely tries to sound annoyed, but Yunho can always see through the façade.

"That's why I can feel yours against my stomach...it's harder than a rock..." Pressing messy, wet kisses to Jaejoong's jawline, Yunho moves one hand in between them. The moment Jaejoong feels his lover's fingers graze swollen skin, he winces.

"Ah...it seems my...body missed yours." Using his leg to tug at Yunho's hip, Jaejoong whimpers and his eyes slowly close as he feels warm fingers wrapping around the both of them—together. "Hah...Yunho-ah...don't tease me too much..." Swallowing the lump in his throat, Yunho nods, though he is aware that Jaejoong is unable to physically see the action.

"Trust me, baby...I can't wait for too long either...I missed you too much." Yunho rests his weight on his free arm, now supported by the mattress below. Leaning down, Yunho's fingers begin to work at their erections as he covers the elder man's throat in kisses—occasionally lapping at the skin in places where his lips fail to land.

"Nnn!" Unable to control his excitement at the attention, Jaejoong arches upward and his chest comes into contact with Yunho's—and the feeling of cold metal against his skin. Suddenly, Yunho's erection begins to throb before growing even harder.

"Fuck...Jaejoong-ah..." He's wearing his nipple ring again. Yunho's brows furrow in confusion as he wonders how the hell he can miss something so poignant about Jaejoong's body. Yunho remembers how it always intoxicated him in the past, but it does so even more now that he is wearing it again.

"Can't...any longer..." Jaejoong's breathing becomes raspy as Yunho's hand becomes less controlled; sticky fluid now seeping out over his fingers after only a few minutes of stimulation. "Please Yunho-yah..." Jaejoong arches his back once more, two metal balls crashing and rolling against Yunho's skin.

"Legs...Jaejoong-ah...open your legs..." Yunho licks his lips like a hungry beast ready to kill its dinner, fingers taking a few more seconds to cover the both of them in pre-cum. No matter how much Jaejoong wants this, Yunho isn't willing to hurt him in the process with dry movements. Jaejoong sighs shakily, willing his legs to part so that Yunho's body fits more appropriately between them. Yunho wriggles slightly to get situated; the nails of his free hand scratching lazily over Jaejoong's shoulder in effort to calm his shaking body. "Ready, baby?"

"Mng—" Jaejoong's head moves in a slow and barely visible nod. Yunho waits a moment to be sure, gliding the damp head of his cock against Jaejoong's opening to test his lover's state. Jaejoong tightens up, his hands moving to grip Yunho's shoulders before rolling his head up to give his lover a look of desperation. "Please...?" Yunho loves being able to tease in different ways to see what kinds of reactions he will see. However, Yunho finally decides to waste no further time and rolls his hips forward, joining the two of them just as Jaejoong wishes. A groan from each of them fills the room; Jaejoong's tight heat making Yunho's head spin and Yunho's solid length making Jaejoong tremble.

"I love you...Jaejoong-ah..." Yunho pants, now returning his mouth to Jaejoong's before anything can be said past his own statement. Moaning deeply into Yunho's mouth, Jaejoong's body rises against the pressure building inside him almost instantly. Both arms resting over Yunho's shoulders, Jaejoong laps at the tongue invading his own mouth, still able to taste the wine they were speaking of earlier. Jaejoong claws at Yunho's back as he begins to move his hips slowly, yet steadily. Jaejoong's nails don't hurt, but they certainly inspire Yunho to bite at his lover's lips and grind ever deeper. The two of them hear the rain spattering against the slightly open window not far away and it evokes a feeling of absolute need. The two of them need this kind of bond between them; the kind that only they are able to share or understand. Every feeling they have felt from the day they met until the moment they are sharing now; from the strongest of anger to the purest of love. They need this.

"Uhng—!" Jaejoong abruptly parts his lips as he cries out quietly, Yunho tapping into one of the more sensitive nerves inside of him. Jaejoong's body jerks a few times as Yunho reaches down to lift one of Jaejoong's legs higher around his waist.

"Stay with me, baby..." Yunho uses his dancer's finesse to roll and drive forward; back and forth in a continuous, yet rhythmic pounding motion. Jaejoong's toes are curling into his feet while he feels the sweat accumulating over various areas of his abdomen and face. Yunho's kisses spread out over cheeks, the bridge of a nose, a forehead, and even down to roam over defined clavicles. Jaejoong's body continues to tremble beneath Yunho's weight and the power of his movements—especially due to the fact that he is now under the same spell which always comes about when they are joined together in the way that they are. Jaejoong is so in love that he is not able to express himself adequately enough for Yunho to understand.

But Yunho does understand. He always has.

"Yunnie-ah...I—" Jaejoong's words are coming in short breaths, the forceful pressure of pulsing solidity spreading him apart with each meeting of their hips. It's now bringing him closer because Yunho is more accurate in where he aims each thrust—it's making Jaejoong see more stars now than he ever did in the night skies. Arms now simply wrapping around Yunho's neck, Jaejoong begins to match his lover's enthusiasm.

"I love you...I love you I love you..." Yunho keeps going, his words like a mantra to Jaejoong's ears and they are the most perfect words to ever come out of Yunho's mouth. He never forgets that Yunho loves him, but when he hears it as he is hearing it now, the feeling is amplified tenfold. Jaejoong feels and hears their bodies meeting together; sliding against one another in a sweaty mess of exhilaration.

"Ahn—love you too...my angel..." Jaejoong is close now, and the release is just there on the brink. Yunho's eyes are now closed and he groans when Jaejoong's other leg snakes around him. To Yunho's surprise, Jaejoong's legs work together in one crafty motion to roughly pull his hips down; this forces him so deeply into Jaejoong's body that he nearly cries out at the overload of pleasure. It's all Yunho can take, and he is unable to hold anything back. Capturing Jaejoong's mouth, a third round of shaky groans commences upon reaching mutual ecstasy. Wet heat fills Jaejoong's body and splashes over Yunho's stomach. The two lovers finally hold one another's shaking bodies, releasing everything that has been pent up over several months of separation. It takes just barely over ten minutes for Yunho and Jaejoong to regain their senses, heads cloudy and lost in the haze of orgasm even after the fact. Finally, Yunho begins his arduous attempt at separation.

Jaejoong hates this part. He hates having to break away from Yunho.

"Un...I'm sorry..." Yunho whispers quietly, taking care in releasing Jaejoong's body from his intrusiveness. Yunho rushes to clean the mess they have made, returning swiftly to Jaejoong's side after doing so. Jaejoong's eyes close regretfully at the now empty feeling he has, but smiles faintly when a round of apologetic kisses rain down on his chest and shoulders. "I know you hate this part." Yunho leaves more kisses on Jaejoong's neck and chin. "I'm sorry, baby..." Jaejoong wipes away a building pool of tears, shaking his head as he weakly reaches up to hold Yunho's face.

"I love you. Thank you for coming back home to see me...I missed you."

"I missed you, too...it's why I came back home to see you." Brushing some hair from Jaejoong's face, Yunho carefully rolls onto his back before he tugs Jaejoong into his arms. The two of them look over one another's faces for several moments, not once being able to stop smiling at what they saw.

"You're so handsome," Jaejoong finally says, playfully tangling their legs together.

"Really? You haven't said anything about my hair yet...do you like it?" Their chests are still heaving slightly as their lungs are not quite up to par with normality, but they both manage slight laughter at the randomness of such a question.

"I miss the pink...you reminded me of cotton candy." Jaejoong then smiles, resting his head against Yunho's chest.

"But I'm sweeter than cotton candy!" Yunho pouts, though it is obviously a joke. Jaejoong raises his head, and seeing the pouty lips of his lover's mouth, he leans up to give Yunho a satiating kiss.

"Yes you are...like angel cake." Nodding, Jaejoong returns to his restful position, Yunho's hands begin to caress his lover's back.

"You shouldn't eat angels in a cake...they watch over you out of the goodness of their hearts." Yunho's jokes are quite amusing to Jaejoong at that moment, and he chuckles to himself before patting Yunho's chest.

"Sing to me, Yunnie-ah." Yunho's interest piques and he raises a brow.

"Sing what? Anything?"

"You know what I want to hear." Closing his eyes, Jaejoong sighs contentedly and Yunho finally smiles. Clearing his throat, Yunho pulls Jaejoong even closer to him and begins the first verse in a light voice.

"Just for one day I would like to be the bed in your room...oh baby...”


Tags: ◆NC-17, ★YunJae, ⚫One-shot

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