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Title: Affirmative
Author: Jacqui
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: YunJae
Summary: Jaejoong enlists in the military and...so does Yunho.


After the closing success of Triangle and group activities with JYJ, Jaejoong took leave of the entertainment spotlight to begin his twenty-one months of service to South Korea. The first week of military training had been quite an eye-opener for Jaejoong. He had improved his physique well enough before enlisting—or so he thought—but had no idea he was so below par regarding the requirements expected of him. He was a singer and performer, as well as an actor; he wasn't completely out of shape when such roles required moderate to extensive physical activity on his part. However, Jaejoong quickly discovered that, within hours of his first attempt at the training course, he needed to tone up. Jaejoong was quick at setting goals to achieve this, which, when coupled with the demands of his commanding officer, guaranteed that he was a busy man for the first two and a half months of his enlistment.

In fact, he was so busy that time was scarce for him to do much else. From the day he entered his time of service, it was painfully apparent that he was alone in doing so. Jaejoong knew that the odds were against him in having it any other way, but he was unable to forget the pact he'd made with four very important people several years prior; especially one person in particular with whom he made a slightly different arrangement. It may have appeared to be a fantasy back then, especially to those outside their tightly knit group, but they all believed in serving South Korea together as brothers one day—and not just by entertaining. Not to misunderstand, Jaejoong was definitely proud to be serving his country, but that pride was slightly diminished when he was forever reminded of the pact that never came to be.


As an Ibyeong soldier, Jaejoong's least desired assignments came in the form of paperwork. He much preferred to be engaged in more physical activities such as morning drills or combat training. Unfortunately for him, all soldiers were responsible for completing a specified number of hours doing standard office work. This included filing, data entry, and delivering of classified documents to various officers or locations on-base. Jaejoong's day for office work had arrived and he wasn't particularly thrilled about it.

"Private Kim reporting with delivery of documents M367-2 and H429-1 as ordered, sir." Jaejoong's voice and posture were confident as he gave a full salute, before offering over the items he carried. The Hyunsa to whom Jaejoong spoke took notice immediately and returned the salute in an identical manner, but made no direct motion of acceptance regarding the documents.

"What is your division and who is your commanding officer, private?" the Hyunsa demanded, his stance unyielding.

"First Infantry Division, Jungsa Ahn Yeongjin, sir." Jaejoong responded promptly. The Hyunsa nodded, finally stepping forward to receive the documents.

"Good work, Private Kim. You will advance in no time at this level of performance. I will notify Jungsa Ahn of your delivery. You may return to your post." The Hyunsa held the documents firmly at his side, giving a dismissive salute before turning away to return to his own objectives.

"Yes, sir." Jaejoong mirrored the salute, and then turned quickly on his heels in departure. As Jaejoong moved across the yard separating his station from various others, he stopped abruptly on the gravel walkway. It occurred to him that he had left his watch in the barracks that morning. He hated being rushed up and out of bed promptly at the same hour every day because it usually resulted in mishaps such as this. He wasn't permitted to carry a cell phone with him on-base, so the best logical replacement was his watch. With an irritated sigh, he returned to his post and notified his superior of the issue before requesting permission to go collect his missing item. Luckily for Jaejoong, it was only a few minutes until noon. He was instead relieved of duty for one hour—the only break he received during the day as a private soldier—for lunch and to partake in free time activities before resuming his daily assignments.

Now free to pursue his own interests for the time being, Jaejoong made the trek back to his barracks in search of his forgotten watch.


Jaejoong quickly retrieved his watch from the table by his bed—where he usually kept it. He wasn't particularly hungry at that time, so he instead favored a shower over food. To avoid the limited showers a soldier was usually allowed, Jaejoong sometimes preferred this method to the standard schedule. Once his commanding officer cleared the last minute decision, Jaejoong wasted no time in relocating to the communal showers. Within seconds, his clothes were off and he was feeling a great amount of relaxation under a stream of hot water. The military life made Jaejoong realize he had taken his freedom for granted before, and he greatly missed the ability to bathe at his own leisure. Standing directly beneath the slightly awkward spray of the water, Jaejoong held a bar of soap as he ran it over his chest and arched his back in a luxurious stretch.

"Chest first...I always loved to watch you take a shower, Jaejoong-ah." The voice came out of nowhere, but due to the environment, it echoed off the walls and alerted Jaejoong to focus on its location. A bar of soap hit the wet tiles at Jaejoong's feet—that ridiculous military superstition about dropping soap passing his subconscious for a split second—and he stood frozen in reaction to what he saw. Was he really seeing this? Was this his brain's response to skipping out on lunch the past few days to take a shower?

"...Yunho?" Jaejoong barely whispered, his eyes blinking furiously as if he were seeing a mirage of some kind. There was no way that he and Yunho would be allowed to enlist in the same province, let alone the same camp. Yunho was leaning against the door-less frame entrance to the showers, both arms crossed over his bare chest. Jaejoong was having a hard time processing it.

"Private Jung, now. You seem surprised, Jaejoong-ah. Did you forget our pact already?" Yunho smiled faintly, but he never took his eyes off Jaejoong's expression and began to move further into the room.

"But...there's no way..." Jaejoong shook his head, still obviously in severe denial about seeing the one person he'd never expected to see. Yet, here he was. Once Yunho was within reaching distance, Jaejoong's hands had a mind of their own and stretched forward to brush shaky fingers against the face he'd once been allowed to touch every day. "SM...the company wouldn't allow this..."

"Jaejoong-ah..." Yunho chuckled under his breath, lifting his own hands to gently cover those so near to him. "It appears that even the most powerful of record labels can't influence the military." Jaejoong felt Yunho's hands slide down and over his arms, stopping to rest on his shoulders.

"It's really you..." Jaejoong's voice shook slightly, but the moment he felt Yunho's hands over his skin he knew that this wasn't some illusion. His mind hadn't devised this moment in order to sate his own silent wishes over the years of their painful separation.

"Did anyone else ever touch you this way?" Yunho asked softly, stepping forward to end the distance between them with a brush of bowed lips over a damp cheek. Jaejoong shivered at the question because to him, it sounded much more like a questioning demand—almost as if Yunho was making sure that Jaejoong still belonged to him.

"My Yunho..." Swallowing hard, Jaejoong closed his eyes and relished the feeling of such affection. It was affection that he had missed for so long that it almost felt surreal. "How did you get here?" The question was finally raised, but Yunho continued to smile as he began to press light kisses across Jaejoong's face.

"Lots...and lots...of paperwork..." Yunho whispered in between each kiss, "...connections, too." Jaejoong made a sound that made it look like he didn’t believe what Yunho had said. “Your hair is almost gone...” Yunho mentioned casually, stopping his kisses to really take in the other’s new appearance.

“Yours, too. Comes with the territory, right? I’d been preparing for this before...I cut my hair shorter for Triangle...to get ready...” Jaejoong swallowed the large amount of surprise stuck in his throat which made it hard to speak.

“I know...I watched it.” Yunho smiled a bit, kissing the tip of Jaejoong’s nose affectionately.

“Really?” Jaejoong replied in surprise.

“I watch everything you do...even after—”

“Jung Yunho...don’t you dare get sentimental now.” Jaejoong made a resistant face, his prideful side starting to show through.

“Then stop me before I lose control.” With a slight smirk, Yunho playfully challenged the other man. Jaejoong's fingers and hands began to work their way down Yunho's neck, over firm chest muscle, and down each side of his body. Yunho showed his approval at the enticing attempt at silencing him by joining their lips together in a seemingly desperate kiss. Jaejoong's hands stopped at Yunho's hips with such an action, tightening in place as Yunho's own hands returned to his face.

"Mn—" Eyes now closed tightly, Jaejoong felt his heart begin to pound as he instinctively returned the kiss with equal desperation. Yunho had been absent from his life for so long that he wasn't thinking of the dangerous situation at hand; he instead allowed himself to become lost in it. Yunho's pants now clung to his lower body, soaked completely through and feeling quite uncomfortable. Yunho pulled back after several moments, lips red and eyes reflecting nothing but Jaejoong's face. There was so much they wanted to say. So much they had to share with each other. But it was impossible at that moment.

"...I missed you...so much." Jaejoong sighed out a shaky laugh, pursing his lips together as they tingled after Yunho's welcomed assault. It was clear that Yunho wanted to say more, but he just didn't know how to begin saying it. Smiling at Yunho's breathless composure, Jaejoong bit into his lower lip and gave a slight nod as if to answer the obvious. Yunho released the air he held at the back of his throat, at the granted permission, arms slowly going down to encircle Jaejoong's waist.

"I have little time, Yunnie-ah." Jaejoong's voice remained low, his fingers already working at getting Yunho's only stitch of clothing undone and off his body. Yunho leaned in close, lips grazing Jaejoong's ear as he assisted in the removal of his pants.

"We have all the time in the world, Jaejoong-ah...all the time in the world." With that, Yunho engaged their lips in yet another kiss, carelessly kicking his pants off to one side once they slid away from his hips. Jaejoong's arms moved up and around Yunho's neck, tugging him even closer now that nothing barred their skin from making contact.

"Uhn..." Closing his eyes, Jaejoong returned the kiss with parted lips while lazy fingers caressed the nape of Yunho's neck. It truly was a wonderful feeling; touching Yunho's skin. He had the physique that most men spent a lifetime building to perfection, yet his skin was surprisingly soft—he had hands built by the gods as far as Jaejoong was concerned. Yunho pulled back abruptly, making Jaejoong's mind whirl with dizziness. He had to tilt his head back beneath the hot spray behind him so as to keep his wits about him.

"You..." Yunho gasped, their bodies pressed so closely together that Jaejoong's breath hitched. "You missed me, too..." Yunho smiled in satisfaction at the flushed look on Jaejoong's face, slowly dropping one hand in between them to firmly grip both of their growing arousals. Jaejoong groaned, his head resting back against the wall as water poured down his chest and over the middle where their hardened flesh met together in Yunho's grasp. Yunho's adept fingers worked almost effortlessly around their swollen flesh, only driving it to throb incessantly between them while the strength of his grip fluctuated randomly.

"Hahn..." Jaejoong bit the inside of his cheek, "I did..." Yunho ran his tongue over his lower lip as he watched Jaejoong's reactions to everything he did, enjoying everything he was able to capture into memory. Jaejoong had lost a considerable amount of weight; his chest was less defined and his arms were lacking muscle; his legs and waist were thinner; his face more narrow and his eyes wider. Yunho imagined that Jaejoong's personality had even changed since the last time they'd spoken. While all this may have been the case, the way Jaejoong responded to his touch hadn't changed in the least. It was still a beautiful sight to see his body tighten in pleasure and to watch his throat tighten with unspoken pleas or commentary.

"Hold on...Joongie-ah..." Yunho panted, inching forward to press Jaejoong's shoulders tightly against the wall. Picking up on what was coming like clockwork; Jaejoong's grip on Yunho's neck tightened and shifted his weight up into the middle of his back. Once he knew they were ready, Yunho's fingers released their erections. Jaejoong lifted one leg to make the coming effort easier, and Yunho took quick advantage by sliding one hand beneath it to lift upward.

"Now..." Jaejoong whispered, fingers curling in as he quickly hopped up from the floor. Both of Yunho's hands eagerly gripped at Jaejoong's thighs to hold him up, leaning inward to keep their weight balanced against the wall. Yunho panted, fingers sliding down the elder man's legs to wrap them around him. Jaejoong whimpered when he felt Yunho's arousal teasingly brush against his thigh. While the water slipping down his back helped, he knew it was the fluid that heavily seeped from Yunho that would help more. "Yunho-ah...please..." Jaejoong lifted his eyes, though his gaze was heavy and full of longing. Yunho took another second to look over Jaejoong's appearance; the overwhelming joy that filled him was almost too much. He was so sure that he would never see this again.

"Shh...quiet now..." Cautiously moving one hand from its place of support, he reached out for his erection and began to guide it toward Jaejoong's entrance. Jaejoong gasped when he felt himself spreading open with the first round of initial pressure and Yunho suddenly lost his own patience, thrusting upward into the tight heat he'd been without for so long.

"Ahn! Yu—" Jaejoong smiled, eyes dropping to a close as he hugged Yunho as close as possible. Their bodies shivered together, and Yunho had to press one hand against the wall to keep them stable. Wincing, Yunho turned his face so that it was hidden in Jaejoong's neck—the heated pressure around him was incredibly intoxicating and it made him begin moving almost immediately. Their hips tightened with each thrust, Jaejoong's body jumping slightly while Yunho made sure that their bodies never lost contact.

"I know, Joongie-ah...I know..." Jaejoong felt tears stinging at his eyes, though the purpose stemmed from both fear and happiness. Jaejoong couldn't remember a time when he was so inexplicably happy, but now he was so terrified that he would lose this happiness all over again.

"My Yunho...my angel..." Jaejoong rasped out, his voice breaking as he clung tightly to the man that held him. It was as if he were a desperately lonely child wrapping around a parent as if to beg them never to leave. Yunho felt all of this from Jaejoong and so much more.

"Baby..." Yunho replied, pulling back long enough to press a solid, yet reassuring kiss to Jaejoong's lips.

"So sorry, Yunnie-ah...I'm so sorry for leaving you..." Jaejoong confessed. The emotion that overwhelmed them both was just too much, and especially for Jaejoong. It had to come out, even just a little. Yunho had to know how he felt.

"I never...stopped loving you..." Yunho whispered in between kisses, tasting the bitterness of salty tears mixed in with hard shower water. "Talk later...let me love you right now." Nodding slowly, Jaejoong resumed his hold around Yunho's neck while returning as many kisses as he could. Yunho was so full of love for the man he was holding that nothing else mattered. Nothing at all.

"I love you..." Jaejoong whimpered, nails scratching haphazardly over Yunho's tanned skin. "Always loved you..."

"Mm...tell me again..." Yunho's hands moved up and down Jaejoong's sides as if to soothe him—his body was so tense that it was slightly difficult for Yunho to move deeper as they both wanted. Jaejoong enthusiastically obliged when Yunho's hips jerked upward in a powerfully abrupt thrust of incentive.

"I—hahn...! I love you!" Jaejoong's voice cried out and bounced off the tiles, making Yunho forcibly silence him with a rough and open-mouthed kiss. Nearly losing his balance, Jaejoong cried out again, but his voice was drowned out by Yunho's devouring of his vocal ability. They were losing time quickly and Yunho knew it. He had to act quickly and not leave Jaejoong unsatisfied. When Yunho felt Jaejoong's fingers loosen, he raised both hands to take hold of Jaejoong's, finally pressing them up against the wall. Jaejoong's brows furrowed and Yunho sensed it as he broke their kiss.

"Trust me..." Jaejoong and Yunho both gazed at one another, and Jaejoong finally nodded as Yunho tightly twined their fingers together beneath the water that continued to flow over them. Yunho gave one thrust up, to which Jaejoong arched forward, and that first thrust was followed up by more. Each move was deeper and harder; but all aimed at the same direct spot. Jaejoong's arousal had remained trapped between their bodies, the friction having caused an outstanding amount of pressure to build up. The pulsating pain was almost unbearable and Jaejoong needed to let it go.

"Yu..nho...hah..." Pressing his tongue into the corner of his mouth, Jaejoong's eyes began to roll back. Yunho was close, and he leaned in to press kisses up Jaejoong's neck, continuing to aim for the spot that would make them both reach their breaking point. Panting furiously, Jaejoong's fingers tightened within Yunho's, as did his body around Yunho's arousal.

This is what did Yunho in.

"Hn—" Yunho's lips parted slightly as he stopped short of giving his lover a kiss. Jaejoong was very familiar with Yunho's tell-tale signs of oncoming orgasm, and he leaned forward quickly to complete the meeting of their lips—Jaejoong even wound his tongue around Yunho's to help drown out their voices in case they should be heard. Yunho erupted helplessly and Jaejoong followed suit only seconds after; their bodies going taught and hands having become an impervious net of fingers with the strain of it all.

"...Mng—" Jaejoong trembled against Yunho's weight, and they simply lost themselves in the moment of ultimate rapture. It felt like a century had passed before their minds returned to a normal status of functionality, but even as this was the case, they found it very difficult to let go of one another. Panting and uneven breathing slowed to a normal speed, and the throngs of passionate throbbing within their muscles eased. Strangely enough, their hearts continued to thrum rapidly together.

"You really are my other half..." Yunho finally choked out, sounding as if he wasn't sure of his own words when repeating what Jaejoong had said about him years earlier.

"And you're mine. No me without you, ne?" Jaejoong smiled, legs tightening around Yunho's waist as he leaned forward so that their foreheads rested together.

"I found you, didn't I?" Yunho swallowed dryly, keeping their hands together as he lowered his arms to envelop Jaejoong protectively against him. Jaejoong bit his lower lip as his smile widened in response to that question, knowing all too well the many meanings it held. With a gentle kiss that was both reassuring and understanding of what Yunho asked, Jaejoong gave only one whispered answer:



Tags: ◆NC-17, ★YunJae, ⚫One-shot

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