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Ολύμπιος Μούσα: Ο Ἔρως Εμπνέει τον Πόλεμο [ Prologue ]

Title: Ολύμπιος Μούσα: Ο Ἔρως Εμπνέει τον Πόλεμο [ Prologue ]
Author: Jacqui
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: YunJae
Summary: The ancient Greek tale of Ares and Aphrodite...with a twist.

Ολύμπιος Μούσα:
Ο Ἔρως Εμπνέει τον Πόλεμο

Olympian Muse: Love Inspires War


Most individuals who read this will be moderately versed in Greek legends, primarily those which involve romance or tragedy. However, very few will know of the forbidden elements pertaining to godly existence. Are you familiar with Aphrodite: goddess of love, beauty, and desire? Perhaps Ares: god of war, courage, and destruction? Well, were you aware that these same godly beings were not just one in themselves, but sets of two? No? I can explain. Each god or goddess that you may be aware of had their own counterpart of the opposite gender. Unfortunately, where one gender seemed most fitting for any one particular role, the counterpart would then be shunned and pushed into the shadows. For example, Athinius was Athena's male counterpart, yet far less important than Ares; thus, Athinius was discarded. Why am I telling you this? I am glad you asked. You are about to learn of an untold story and quite considerably one of the most neglected in all of Greek mythology. Allow me to set the scene if you will...

As it has been known throughout history, to avoid her beauty becoming the cause of much unnecessary violence, Aphrodite was betrothed to Hephaestus, blacksmith of the gods. How fortunate for Aphrodite to have schemed her way out of such a bargain in exchange for her male counterpart. You see, Aphrodite wanted nothing more than to be with Adonis—her male, yet very mortal counterpart. As it turned out, Adonis was the single consort of many to show Aphrodite her first and only mutual form of true love. This left Ares, once Aphrodite's primary source of attention, free of her richly seductive wiles. Sadly, Aphrodite's escape, while benefiting her mortal counterpart, had also left her immortal counterpart in a very unsettling predicament. This, my friends, is where our story truly begins.

Tags: ◆PG, ★YunJae, ⚫Series
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