Jacqui (jaejoongah) wrote in literary_lust,

Possess the Boss: Promotional Items

Title: Possess the Boss
Author: Jacqui
Rating: PG
Pairing: YunJae / JaeHo / WonHo
Summary: This is a spin-off of Jaejoong's drama Protect the Boss, but you could say it's an unofficial second season if that makes more sense. Right now, there is just the promotional gallery posted up right now. The first "episode" of this comic will come soon.
A/N: I will post each chapter here with an external link to the website I have set up for the comic once it gets rolling. However, any and all commentary on the comic itself should be left in the appropriate thread on this journal. I won't have a guestbook on this website like I have for Nani Nena.

보스를 가져봐 » Boseureul Gajyeobwa » Possess the Boss

Tags: ◆PG, ★JaeHo, ★WonHo, ★YunJae, ⚫Sims2Comic
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