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Title: Simplicity
Author: Jacqui
Rating: PG
Pairing: JaeLo
Summary: Sometimes the best kind of love is simple.


Written by: Jacqui

Tablo had been sitting on the couch for the past half hour; beer in hand; eyes intently glued to the little figurines adorning the coffee table. It was obvious that Jaejoong had done this on his way out this morning; the very idea was so endearing that Tablo couldn't wipe the smirk off his face. A single Tablo figurine was seated on the edge of the table, with a single Jaejoong figurine positioned perfectly on its lap. A tiny business-sized card propped up beside the figurines read as follows:

"You are the answer to all my questions.

- Jaejoong ♥"

It made Tablo's heart tremble inside his chest to read something like that. Knowing Jaejoong would be back from the market soon--it was routine that market day was Wednesday--Tablo was already enjoying his ideas for rewarding such adorable behavior. Jaejoong's writing was so uniquely his own that Tablo's lips curved into a smile whenever he was given the chance to see how cute it was in person. To know that he and his younger lover shared silly things like this between them--it just made their relationship feel less fleeting and more eternal. Taking a quick sip of his beer, Tablo leaned forward to fix tiny Tablo arms around a tiny Jaejoong waist. It looked much better now. It was just about then that the front door creaked open, Jaejoong's quick movement reaching the living room where Tablo had been sitting in all his quiet contemplation.

"Hey, baby." Tablo glanced up at the beautiful boy now in front of him; face flushed and looking very kissable right then.

"Daeniel...I forgot something..." came Jaejoong's voice in between pants. This made Tablo tilt his head and quirk a brow in curiosity, his heart swelling up a little at the way Jaejoong pronounced his English name. As Tablo began thinking more on that, he smirked.

Teaching him how to pronounce that name to acceptable standards was nothing short of fun...

"Un? What did you forget, baby?" Tablo asked softly, though obviously a little distracted by his inward reminiscing. Jaejoong shifted his bag to rest against the small of his back, slowly leaning down to press a warm and loving kiss to Tablo's lips.

"That..." Jaejoong whispered, free hand brushing gently over his lover's cheek with a slight smile. Tablo was two seconds shy of giving a proper response, but to make up for it, he tugged the younger boy's body into his lap.

These moments are what mattered most to Tablo. Moments where the two of them could just be. As rare as it was; they both had learned to enjoy what they were allowed. "That reminds me, I forgot something myself."

"Hm?" Jaejoong wasn't sure what Tablo could have possibly forgotten, but the idea made him smile with anticipation.

"This." Tablo's hands cupped Jaejoong's face, pulling forward to press an equally warm and loving kiss to the younger's lips.

Jaejoong couldn't remember when or how they had become so perfect together; neither could Tablo. The one thing they both knew for sure--and understood perfectly--was the natural drive they felt toward one another. It was no surprise to Jaejoong when he felt Tablo's arms tighten around his waist, followed by an almost inaudible request to stay. It was then that Jaejoong and Tablo shared a smile that needed no explanation.

...The groceries will be there tomorrow, thought Jaejoong.

Tags: ◆PG, ★JaeLo, ⚫Vignette

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